19 February 2005

Off to Nelson

The cats have been bundled off to Kitty City. My bag is packed. Chelsea is coming over in a couple of hours to drop off some stuff for me to take for Patty. Nina is coming over at the same time, I think, to visit. She's going to house-sit. It's snowing. I'm thinking clear-sky thoughts for Castlegar tomorrow, so I don't end up diverted to Penticton and having to bus to Nelson from there.

I'm also thinking smooth travel thoughts for Barbara, who will be trying to fly home on Monday missing a key piece of paperwork that's caught in the mail somewhere between here and there. She was to have been home Thursday, but Anailese caught a nasty flu and couldn't travel.

I'm thinking good journey thoughts for Vince, who's on a different type of journey altogether.

I miss my Billy. I also miss my family. The APs are down south, having a wonderful time, sounds like. The rest of us have all been sick and unwilling to cross-infect. When I get back from Nelson, we have plans to get together. Mary's birthday is a happy excuse.

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