06 March 2005

Holding hands ...

Linda's tucked in on the couch. We had a good day. Mona, Rose and Cassandra picked me up at around 10:00 a.m. and we bundled our treasures off to the APs' house. Mona and I built snacks and fed and entertained C & R. Mary, Robin, Cory, Ernie and Linda arrived a little after noon. We did snacks and presents and laughing and yacking and cleaning and like that 'til time to go. Mona dropped Linda and me off on Whyte. We wandered into Mars & Venus to look at the retro stuff and the imports, then to Ten Thousand Villages to find out about what fairly traded means, then to the Celtic/Gothic shop with the M-name that I always forget 'cuz Linda wanted to look at the swords. We spent a while looking at the Amy Brown prints ... Linda loves Faeries. By that point, Linda's ankles were tired of walking. We had dinner at Boston Pizza ... whoosh, can that little girl eat pasta! We took the bus home, which is exciting for country kids. When we got home, we tried out my new ball winder with the amusingly translated directions ... so very slick ... and looked at more Amy Brown Faeries online, brewed some tea, fed the cats, got into our jammies and watched The Princess Bride. We lit a candle for the things we wish for the world. It's not every day that I get to walk down the street, holding hands and yacking with my niece ... it was lurvly.

edit: the store with the M-name is (of course) Rowena ... no wonder I can never think of it

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