17 April 2005

I see eye flower

We were at the APs for lunch today for Ma's somewhat belated birthday. Lurvly day! I have amazing nephes and neices. The eye flower bit was Rose's first sentence (long time ago), while looking into a kaleidoscope. I'm still getting over this horrid cold, so I was being very good about "No kissing!" Of course, that went to hell in a handbasket with Rose and Cassandra. They arrived somewhat groggy, having been zipped out the door right after their naps and Cassandra sat in my lap for a while, picking at beans and broccoli and 'tato salad and steak and hoovering saskatoon/apple/rhubarb crisp. Mona says to me, about the babby-smooching,

"You have to. It's what they're made of and if you don't, they start to come apart. I've seen it."

I like that. I also tried the neck of the 2nd sweater on Rose. It's way too small. Apparently I adjusted the pattern for the first sweater after I wrote it down. Poop. Now I hafta figure it out again.

Barbara and Anailese stopped by on Wednesday for a visit. I'm loving having them within walking distance! On Thursday, Ma and I went to IKEA for a couple of little things and some new shelving for my kitchen. By the time we got through wandering about finding the little stuff, we'd had enough and didn't do the shelving part. I'll get to it later, when I'm feeling more human. I'm getting there. I've started to kick the squatters out of my sinuses.

Still failing utterly at getting together with Brandon (an old friend I ran into out of the blue in January). We talk on the phone now and then while doing the dishes, but scheduling a scotch and backgammon evening has proven a bust so far. Paxton phoned this week. Let's see if I have any better luck scheduling with him. It'll be nice to see him again. It's been years! I was looking forward to seeing Patty, James and the girls tomorrow or the next day, but they're stuck in Manitoba with a dead car 'til at least Wednesday or Thursday. It's getting harder to get hold of Nina, the closer it gets to her grad (that, and she doesn't want to go to the dentist and knows it's that time).

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