27 April 2005

I'm not broken ...

I have it on good authority that I'm not broken, just sprained. I still have my moments when I wonder, but I was very grateful to discover this. Not by being told ... the telling was confirmation of what I'd already discovered (that makes me sound like a great explorer or scientist ... okie, I had help) ... welcome confirmation, granted.

When I fed the beasts on Saturday morning, I just about took a header down the stairs, tripping over some rather large shoes in the back hall. When I looked around, I found the matching pair of smaller ones. Nina came upstairs a few minutes later. It was great to see her (and this is really trippy 'cuz I remember writing about this before, but it's not in here .. hmm). We had a great yack. Turns out she's lost her cell phone. The plan is she'll come over tomorrow and phone Patty from here. Speaking of Patty, I had a great (if too short, as always) visit with her and Jaime and the kids and her folx and her Grandma on Friday. Barbara, Anailese, Chelsea, Bernie and I went out to Leduc to see them. Patty phoned here at about 11:00 a.m. ... Barbara doesn't have a phone yet, so I jumped into some clothes and walked over to her place ... then it took four hours to track Chelsea down, get everything set with everyone and get out the door. GNYAAAH!

Patty is the person in my life I can talk to about absolutely anything without feeling awkward (there are others if I disregard the last bit). I struggle with the feeling awkward part. Constantly. About a lot of things I have a way-over-developed sense of propriety. There are things I would like to be able to say ... not even to anyone in particular ... just to say them ... without feeling awkward about it ... bleh, I'm rambling ... the to do list looks like this:

Being Present

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