03 May 2005

Diversion ...

Huzzah for sunshine and above-freezing daytime temperatures! Poor Nina was at her grad class's camping retreat in that foul weather.
Saturday was my uncle's 65th birthday do. No kids (his granddaughter was there, though, so it wasn't a total bust) ... I really don't often go places where there're no kids. After that, I went to John's for a house concert featuring The Stone Merchants. Sunday was APs with Mona, Pete, Rose and Cassandra for snacks and kid fix. Yesterday, Brandon and I finished dying his curtains. The spirals turned out more saturated than I'd planned, but they turned out okay, so he got to keep 'em.

I got a new glasses prescription today and ordered new sunglasses. I really dislike my current sunglasses ... there's something about the combination of astigmatism correction, tint, and polarization that makes me queasy when I wear them ... the new ones won't be polarized.

Adele phoned to say that the chinese doctor she works with has done up a respiratory formula for me, since I can't get Respaherb anymore. I'll give it a shot. I've tried quite a number of things, none of which works nearly as well as Respaherb. Grumble. I probably shouldn't have leapt into a cleanse right after eight months of being sick just about constantly with those kids I was looking after ... but I've really been feeling like I wanted to do one and it's the first chance I've had. It's a really gentle herbal cleanse, but there's still the sinus/ears/general congestion stuff to deal with after this past winter. Joy.

Right, then ... back to the never-ending housework.

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