26 June 2005

Clover ...

Mona, Rose, Cassandra and I had an Ikea adventure on Friday. I love how it doesn't really matter if it's the museum or the playground or a walk or Ikea, it's all a grand adventure and there are a bazillion things to look at and touch and talk about.

Mary, Cory, Ernie and Linda came over around dinner time to drop Cory off for his birthday sleepover. Cory and I ordered Fish Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer and Chana Masala and nan from New Asian Village for dinner ... his first experience with Indian food ... then we watched Analyze This. This morning we had pineapple and nan for breakfast, he started a World of Warcraft character on my account, then we traipsed all over Whyte Ave. We found a celtic cross necklace he liked at Scottish Imports but failed to find him a T-shirt. The one he liked at Mars & Venus was too big, as was the one at the headshop ... there was nothing that appealed to him at Warp One or Whyte Knight. We were going to go to the Wee Book Inn, but ended up at Megatunes, where he found a U2 CD he wanted and I found a Jethro Tull one I thought he'd like, too. After that, we went downtown and saw Batmat Begins. Instead of going out for dinner, he opted to come home for leftover Indian and watching the Firefly pilot. Mary, Ernie and Linda came to get him after their road-trip to visit a bunch of other CSA gardens in the area. They wanted to borrow Firefly but Brandon asked first, so they borrowed Sleepy Hollow instead.

The dandelions aren't in bloom anymore, nor are the volunteer California poppies in the lawn ... but the clover and volunteer daisies have come up. Sir Bunrab comes every day to nibble dandelion leaves, which he seems to prefer to the neighbours' garden. The other day the neighbour was standing in his garden, barking at Sir Bunrab who was having a nice sunbath on my deck. Sir Bunrab was underwhelmed.

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