16 June 2005

Happy Birthday Patty!

That rain finally came ... in brief downpours with wind and lightning and thunder, over the weekend and early this week.

Brandon brought Clerks over on Friday to not watch. Brandon's good at the beginnings of movies, but hasn't quite got the ends nailed.

I spent a lot of time with Barbara and Anailise last weekend ... all day at their house on Friday, all day Saturday at their house then the lake, and most of the day Sunday. Poor poppet's been teething and teething and teething ... she's got three front teeth through, and one nearly through ... last night, one way in the back came in instead of that last front one!

I think I'm off to the lake on Saturday morning with Mona, Pete, Rose and Cassandra. I'll come back with Mom Sunday afternoon/evening, most likely.

Tina phoned in a bind with childcare for Emma and Annie for tomorrow, but it turned out their spare grandma can take 'em, else they'd've come here tomorrow.

Last week when I was out, someone came by and chewed up the stump of the old tree on the boulevard. This morning, there was all sorts of activity out in front of my house ... and now there's a new wee tree out there! It's a Summit Ash ... the old one that died was a Black Ash. I wish they'd planted an Elm, but I didn't have any say in the matter. It took three big trucks and two bobcats to accomplish that.

I got a call from the dealership this afternoon, saying that my name came up on the next-to-be-built list today. The wee car should arrive sometime mid-late August. She needs a name.

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