27 July 2005

SO tired of this ...

The folx at Kitty City tell me that Tiger was so very well behaved while he was there, and didn't terrorize anyone ... so I should try the three cats all together in the house and see what happens. So I did and what happens is that everything's fine for a week or so, then it gets hissier and chasier and eventually, Becky gets feeling trapped somewhere and can't get to a litterbox. Damnit.
So instead of sleeping, I'm tearing the bed apart and scrubbing the futon and turning it and remaking the bed. I'm counting the duvet cover, down duvet, brand new 400 threadcount sheets and brand new featherbed with the stuff Tiger's ruined directly ... brand new leather couch, brand new handknotted wool rug, hardwood and baseboards (and probably subfloor) in the front hall, several window screens, pairs of shoes, backpacks, blankets, pillows, a tent, a sleeping bag, etc.

Why is Billy's cat still here, you ask? A very good question.

Colour me frustrated to tears. Again.

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