29 November 2005

Catch up ...

It was absolutely gorgeous out for a couple of weeks. Throw all the windows open kind of beautiful weather.

There's a bunch of stuff I could have sworn I blogged, but it's not here. I think I just talked to a lot of people about it and never actually blogged it. Ditz.

Rose and Cassandra turned three with much ado. When I left their birthday party on Saturday, Cassandra took my face in her hands, gave me a very wet kiss and said, "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. We had cake!" It was nice to talk to Cory at the birthday party, too. The last few times I've seen him, he's either had a friend with him or has been feeling oogy, so we haven't talked much.

For a few years while Mona was living out east, we gave each other an afternoon for Christmas. Actually, we had the afternoon before Christmas ... had lunch and spent some time in the wonderful creaky-floored bookstore. Life happened and we've done other things for a few years. This year, we gave each other an afternoon, but it got bigger. Mona, Pete, Rose, Cassandra, Mary, Cory, Ernie, Linda, Mom and I spent a few hours at the bookstore. We didn't all arrive at once, so there was more than one flurry of hugging and kissing at the entrance. We showed each other our favourite books, had storytimes in corners, laughed and talked and had a great time. Some of us bought books to exchange with each other for Christmas and some didn't. Mom, Mona, Mary and I all arrived with bags of stuff for each other ... you left this at my house, I cut this out of the paper for you, here's your house hat reknit, will these fit the twins, etc. On the way out, there were people sitting on the floor, Rose and Cassandra were lying on the floor near the door, drawing on entry forms for some draw the bookstore was having, hugging, kissing, putting on of boots and coats, swapping of books and general mayhem. It was great!

Brandon's still out of town, but not as homesick on this leg of his trip. I miss Tuesday dinnerandamovies and I miss yackin' on the phone. All this will change when he gets back. We'll look after serious business like tie-dying yo-yo strings. No, really.

I spent a day raveling all of the knitting I'd been working on for Billy, winding it onto the swift and balling it on the ball winder. It was an interesting exercise. Since I knit with intent, it felt like releasing all that intent back into the wild. The swift and ball winder part was great fun!

I'm off to the APs later to see if I can figure out what's wrong with their e-mail setup, and tomorrow, I take the wee car in to have its winter wheels put on. She has a name, the wee car. It's Epona.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 7:59
Hours of dark: 14:45ish
Sunrise: 8:23 am
Sunset: 4:22 pm
Start of twilight: 7:42 am
End of twilight: 5:03 pm

Current weather: Light snow. -12°C (10°F), -18°C (0°F) with windchill, humidity unknown%, wind NNE 9.6 km/h (6 mph.), barometer unknown in. Hg

Tonday.. Periods of light snow. High -10°C (14°F).
Tonight.. Cloudy periods with 40% chance of flurries Low -20°C (-4°F).
Wednesday.. A mix of sun and cloud. High -11°C (12°F).
Thursday.. A mix of sun and cloud. Low -21°C (-6°F). High -12°C (10°F).
Friday.. Cloudy. Low -21°C (-6°F). High -14°C (7°F).
Saturday.. Cloudy. Low -20°C (-4°F). High -13°C (9°F).
Normals for the period.. Low -15°C (5°F). High -5°C (23°F).

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