06 November 2005


It's been mighty frosty in the mornings for a while now, but it's melted off at some point during the day. 'Til yesterday. The frost stayed yesterday, and the puddles stayed frozen all day. Then it snowed last night, just a skiff of the stuff, but it's still there this morning.

Mom and I went to get some yarn to add to the blanket I gave Ernie as a baby blanket. It's not the first time it's been added-to. The same store had the coloured duct tape that Mary wanted to build her portfolio, so I phoned her to see what colour she wanted. She decided to get three different ones and chose blue and yellow, so I was describing the colours to her to see what would work best with them. I said, "The orange sucks" and Mom said quietly, "Which is a role reversal, really." Mary went with the neon green.

I'm taking a break from the prayer shawl right now to work on Mona's toque. It's been on a back burner for way too long. Truth be told, I forgot about it until she reminded me last week. There are other things on various back burners at the moment, too. There are people out there in blogland who knit and knit and knit away at the same thing 'til it's done ... and lots of them finish sweaters in a week and blankets in a couple of weeks. It's bizarre to me. I guess I'm what they refer to as a process knitter, rather than a production knitter .. though neither really feels like it fits. When I'm knitting for someone, I knit at them, rather than just knitting the thing that I will eventually give them. If I'm working on a sweater for Rose, I want to think about Rose while I knit it, so I put it down when I'm thinking about Ernie and work on whatever I've got going for him.

Brandon came for Tuesday Night Dinner and a Movie on Wednesday again. We had butter letuce and cucumbers in yogurt/vinegar/honey salad, cornbread, and cauliflower soup with wild rice and kidney beans. The kidney beans were a bit weird in the soup. I'm going to make another batch with mushrooms instead. We watched Sideways. He's been singing me a terrible version of "My bologna has a first name ..." song over the phone and making me laugh myself silly.

Looks like Tiger's a permanent Canadian resident now. Billy says he'd like me to take him to the humane society. I find that I can't do that, nor can I send him to Miami knowing that that's what'd happen to him there.

I'm off to the APs today to see the family and oooh and ahhh over their new computer.

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