18 December 2005

Doing ...

I went for second breakfast with Barbara and Annailese and Corbin on Friday, then went (ugh) shopping. I am having a great deal of trouble with a very specific request from Cory for Christmas. I may have to give up. I am not amused. At least the grocery shopping part went smoothly.

Brandon and I went to the Christmas Carol Project at the Roxy last night. It was great! I love that show. I'd rolled up the futon earlier and shaken the daylights out of the feather bed and the duvet and the pillows, and remade the bed with fuzzy sheets, so when I got home, I got to crawl into that. Mmmm!

I'm off to the APs today to decorate the tree with the family and have a little pre-birthdaying with Linda (whose birthday is tomorrow) and visit with Darren and Natalie and Karen.

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