22 December 2005

Happy Solstice!

Lovingly plagiarized Solstice greeting ...
Holiday Salutations, bestowed on kith and kin, at this special time of the year. Whether you are starving yourself in daylight, slaughtering innocent conifers, or dancing naked (and cold) under a hunters moon, I wish you, and yours, merryment in whatever proceeding compells you to decorate your home in garish hues, with ungulates on the rooftop, and a scarlet clad, aged ectomorph, glowing on your porch. May you all spend this time full, with love, laughter, and just enough dinner, so that there is room for Figgy Pudding. And a Happy, denominational or not, winter celebration of your choice to you and yours

It's been gorgeous out the last couple of days! Barbara and Annailese and I hung out on the back deck yesterday afternoon in the sunshine.
Vince delivered the super secret Christmas knitting to Dani for me yesterday.

It's just a little bit sparkley.

And I finished the so-very-boy blue scarf the other night and washed and blocked it in time for tuesdaydinnerandamovieonwednesday.

Brandon and I went to WEM (which no longer has more submarines than our navy, sadly) on Monday. He knows his way around, doesn't lose me (that's 'cuz I had the car key, he tells me), and doesn't get annoyed with I turn into a distracted space case. We went to the stores with the models and games and swords and not to the ones where I get crabby. We went down into the Sea Life Caverns to check them out to see if Brandon's boy would like them. They're great! There were fish and sharks and snakes and sea turtles and penguins. I wish they had more room to swim around, though.

I booked my flights and hotel and booked the cats into Kitty City for my trip to Whistler to see Dani and Sephi in January.

AND ... speaking of Kitty City, I got a call from Les about someone he knows who might be interested in Tiger.

I had lunch with Kitty and Dannie the other day. We see each other once a year at the Cookie and Tree party and say how we really must get together, then don't. Dannie's taken on the task of organizing us so we get together at least once a month, 'til we get back into the habit.

After much confusion, the greyhound package from Patti and Jaime arrived last night. I'm trying to fit getting-stuff-to-folx into the next couple of days. It's not that I'm that busy, but that folx have time when I don't. I'm off to Barbara and Anailese's shortly to deliver all the stuff for them and Chelsea and Bernie and Patti's Grandma. Barbara and I are trying to figure out whether or not we can go to Leduc together to take stuff to the Grandma. With any luck at all, Dave will be able to come by after work to pick up the stuff for René. If he does, then he can boost the Lady so the battery charges up some so Brandon can use her for a couple of days over Christmas. Tomorrow I pick up cat food and go putter with Mom at the APs house, getting stuff ready for Christmas, and make a stop at Bonnie Doon on the way home. Saturday I have to get groceries, then I have no other commitments 'cept watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents.

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dani said...

I can't wait to see you!!!