30 December 2005

Lucky Teapot ...

Rafe came back to town for Christmas. We went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on Tuesday. I thought it was quite good. Peter and that sword were a bit much, but I was particularly glad to see that they didn't fix Edmund. He's a despicable little shit, as he was written.

Brandon brought the bus home today and took away the teapot Billy left here. I went to the Chinese market and got a

Lucky Teapot, Possessing the High Temperature-keeping Power, 1250 ml multi-function teapot.

The Funcitons and Characteristics
-Unique Model, Pretty and Practical
-Quartz Glass, Clear and Transparent Thoroughly
-Enabling to disassemble it for the designs, rinse it easily
-No Poison to the Cup-body Plastics, Heat Resistances
-Poly-sorts of Colours Offering the Options
-Suitable for the uses of making tea and coffee

Materials and Properties
-Glass part: Heat-resisting: Temperature: 120°C
-Plastic part: PP. Polyethylene's Heat-resisting
-Temperature: 80°C (Or ABS, Anti-heat Temperature: 90°C)
-Metal part: Synthetic Metallic Net

Temperature-keeping Structure
-Don't use the Power, Coal and Gas Security and Energy-saving Upper Cover
-Because of its heat-cutting structure, don't release the heats
-Medium Pot
-Made of the double-structured glass with vacuum
-Possessing the High Temperature-keeping Power
-After pre-heating it, the heat water of over ninety degrees will be immediately alright in approximately one hour

-Place the net pot into the bettle vertically
-Place the suitable amounts of tea leaves
-Add the suitable amounts of boiling water
-Cover the kettle lid, then you can drink it

-The lucky kettle's designs are scientific and reasonable, rinse it handily
-You only need to take the net pot out
-Slightly brush it with a brush and then cleanse it to the cleanliness for the immediate alright

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