23 January 2006

Lying to Children ...

Brandon's off to Ottawa again. I took him to the airport this morning and voted on the way home. I have a terrible feeling about this election.

Mary, Cory, Ernie and a friend of his and Linda came by on Saturday, had a little visit, then all but Linda left. Mary took the three boys to pick up a fourth, then to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Linda and I had baked tofu sandwiches for lunch, then pelted off to the same theatre to see the same movie. We went for dinner, then came back here to play Mancala for a while, look at pictures, and play a little Clan Lord. Linda put herself to bed around 10:30, when she got tired. In the morning, we made breakfast burritos, got Linda all packed up and headed off to Whyte Avenue to putter about. We went to all the places Linda wanted to go, except 10,000 Villages, which is closed on Sundays. We went to the Friends and Neighbours Café for lunch, an old haunt of Grunc's. One of the fish in their aquarium is 24 years old. That was the end of Linda's birthday sleep-over because it was time to go to the APs to celebrate Ernie's birthday. There are a lot of meals when Linda's around!

Rose and Cassandra and their Ma Mere and Pa Pere were there already when we got to the APs. They came skipping to the door, shreiking, "We have company! We have company!" Mary and Ernie arrived a little later, and Robin a little while after that. Cory stayed home to study. Cassandra was playing with my hair while I got her bundled up to go. She said, "Look at your curls, Auntie Lynn! This one is a C for Cassandra. (little gasp and big-eyed stare) Did you grow it just for me?" What could I do? I like through my teeth, "Of course, Poppet. I grew it just for you." She didn't ask about Rs for Rose.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 8:28
Hours of dark: 14:15ish
Sunrise: 8:33 am
Sunset: 5:01 pm
Start of twilight: 7:53 am
End of twilight: 5:40 pm

Current weather: Mostly Cloudy. 5°C (41°F), humidity 44%, wind NW 32 km/h (20 mph.), barometer 29.73 in. Hg

Today.. Sunny with cloudy periods. Increasing cloudiness with morning with 30% chance of showers early this afternoon. Wind becoming W 40 km/h gusting to 60 km/h late this morning then diminishing to 30 km/h (mph) this afternoon. High 5°C.
Tonight.. A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness near midnight. Wind NW 30 km/h becoming light this evening. Low -3°C.
Tuesday.. A mix of sun and cloud. High 9°C.
Wednesday.. Sunny. Low -10°C. High 4°C.
Thursday.. A mix of sun and cloud. Low -6°C. High -2°C.
Friday.. Sunny. Low -15 High -7
Normals for the period.. Low -20°C. High -8°C.

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