30 June 2006

Gone Fairing ...

I met Mary at her drop-off point on Tuesday to pick up Cory for his birthday sleep-over. Linda was already packed and ready. Cory and I ran errands, had lunch, played on the 'puters, had enormous salads for dinner, watched movies, sweated. Gawds, it was hot in here! On Wednesday, we ran a couple more errands, went for breakfast as a greasy spoon, came home and puttered a while, then charged off to the lake for his meeting at his new job. Meanwhile, Mary had a terrible run-around getting Linda's paperwork ready. After Cory's meeting, I took him home and swapped him and his stuff for Linda and her stuff, came home and tucked Linda in on the couch at about 12:30. We hung about in pjs and yacked for ages this morning, then got up and raced about like chickens with our heads cut off, popping in to see Barbara and Anailese, packing, taking the cats to the kennel, deciding that anyone whose lyrics include " hedge against the vague uncertainties/uncertain vagaries of life" shouldn't oughta be tossed into the "just country" bin, making laminates for the crew while watching movies, doing laundry, packing some more. Nina's car was broken into in the driveway last night and her iPod stolen. She talked to someone else down the block, whose car was also broken into. Grml. She's off to Drayton with the new beau for his grad. Linda is out cold on the couch and I'm heading off to bed, too. I'll be way far AFK 'til sometime around the sixteenth. Bright blessings and fair thee well, one and all.

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