20 September 2006

Bees in Bonnets ...

The weather's gone from unseasonably warm to grey and rainy and downright chilly. We had frost the other night! Time to start thinking about slippers and scarves and hats and other warm things. There are ponchos in the making for Rose and Cassandra, and Linda has a new hat:

She got a new hat because my rag box was full and I got a bee in my bonnet about not throwing out otherwise perfectly good fabric.

Really, one uses only so many rags, so I got to thinking that if I cut a t-shirt the right way, I'd end up with one big, long strip, which might be suitable for knitting. Since I was in a hurry to start the knitting part, I used only the body-from-the-underarms-down parts of two shirts, cut 2.5cm wide. That was enough (with a few meters left over) to knit a roll-brim hat on 10mm needles.

I'm rather pleased myself over this. The trick was finding a way to cut the material into strips that wouldn't cripple me before I even got to the knitting part. I found a rotary cutter in a quilting shop. Omigoodness, it's a great tool!

Knitting on 10mm needles with non-springy 'yarn' takes getting used to
It is possible to make a cute hat from nothing but a couple of old t-shirts
Quilting shops are dangerous and should be avoided

Still working on wee ponchos. I'm still debating whether or not to hood.
Ernie and Barbara would like some Fuzzy Feet.
There may be a sweater in Cory's future, but we have to talk patterns/yarns some more.
I have a scarf I started a couple of years ago that I really would like to finish.
I have the makings of a crazy quilt cushion cover for Mom 'cuz one of her cushion covers self-destructed.

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