29 March 2008

Exuberant Excrescence ...

...and a blogging holiday

On the agenda for the spring/summer:
Oregon Country Fair
Sasquatch Festival
Robson Valley Music Festival, maybe
Visit friends in Nelson at least twice
Visit Don in Kelowna
Visit one more friend, somewhere-not-here
Wedding in Nelson
Take pictures (hahaha ... I'll try to remember)
Learn to sew, then actually do it
Spend some time with Pa, Mary and Rafe, learning to art
Pick up my bass at least once a day when I'm home
Paper journalling (at which I suck mightily ... yah, even worse than this kind)
Walk on stilts
Maybe even dance, though, quite frankly, dancing freaks me out
Find gainful employment that does not insult my soul
Construction of a bedroom for Cory downstairs
Nina moving out, maybe
Cory moving in, certainly
De-cluttering and re-arranging
Play with this

Release books into the wild
Send postcards (thanks, Dani!)
Take my canoe out at least once solo, preferably at dawn
Make it to as many of the first-Saturday-of-the-month Art open house at Expressions as I can
Have something to contribute to the above
Make it to as many of the second-Saturday-of-the-month workday for Blankets for Canada as I can

Blogging isn't on the list. I'm doing a lousy job of keeping up with it, so I'm going to take a substantial break.

I'll let you know in September how I did with my list.

Miss me? Leave a comment, e-mail, phone, txt, IM ... and I'll talk your ear off!

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