17 May 2009

Whiney Cocktail...

2 parts this car really isn't made for short peeps
1 part it's squishy and floppy to drive
1 part it's not fun to drive
1 part feeling sorry for myself 'cuz MY car was perfect boohoo
1 part why can't I just have a fucking transporter already
1 part what if
1 part horrible I can't breathe allergies making me cranky

09 May 2009

Baking chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips & oatmeal cookies without cinnamon for the mama for Mothers' Day, 'cuz that's how she likes them.

02 May 2009

Important stuff ...

Dani's going walking again.
You can sponsor her here.
I have.

You can sponsor her in your own name,
in someone else's name,
in someone's memory.

For donations under $25, you can PayPal Dani (solasclAThotmailDOTcom) and she will add it to the total. Whatever you can do helps.