24 June 2007

Bee Bums ...

My rose bush is choc full of bees. I wish I could post the smell here (of the roses, not the bees). If you could smell them, you'd bury your face in them, too.

21 June 2007

Happy Solstice ...

By design, National Aboriginal Day falls on the solstice.
Whether by coincidence or not, Gay Pride celebrations coincide with the solstice.
A time of turning points and balance, marking the end of the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest ...
Midsummer, Alban Heruin, Feast of St. John the Baptist, Gathering Day, Feast of Epona and others ...
Whether or not any of this has any meaning for you,
Bright Blessings

19 June 2007

Sent Knitting ...

Thirty-eight hats and a sweater, sorted into size groups, ready to be bagged and boxed and sent off to Mongolia (via Arizona) for Dulaan, the week before last:

I had help with the packing:

There was also a very nice little commercially made shetland wool sweater (many times handed down, slightly felted, worn by a number of children I love dearly) that went into one of the boxes.

Uh oh! I got way behind ...

Many blurry catch-up pictures:

Thumper has been a great tug, but was beginning to get quite rotted,

so there was a boat burning at the lake ...

... a wet, rotten, painted boat burns a bit smokey-like.

I got to go with Rafe to pick up his new car!

And got to ride in it to the Hormone Ranch for Robin's bday, where I took nary a picture.

I used up the left-over sock yarn (from the wee socks for Annailese's advent calendar) to knit (and knit and knit and knit) a giant circle, about which I was unsure, right up until it was finished blocking. I figured there was a good chance it would be hideous and was fully prepared to rip it all out again, and just be pleased that I'd knit a big circle ... but it turned out great and I gave it to Mona. It looks two-tone 'cuz it's blocking on two very different bath sheets on the bed:

And for Vince, Sir Bunrab on a misty day: