28 May 2006

Infits ...

That's what the outfits Rose and Cassandra wore to church became when they got there. Mm hmm.

Mary's Open Farm Day was grand. She told folks about her CSA and Linda told 'em about the chickens and how the straw and chicken poop from the coop is composted for the garden and how the meat birds' enclosure gets moved every day so they have fresh grass to eat and fertilize a new section of the lawn and Robin tended the fire and gave folks carrots to feed the horses and told 'em about how the horse poop is composted for the garden and local folks came to talk about their bison, naturally raised beef, local natural honey and beeswax products, you-pick saskatoons, and natural produce. Mom fed folx rhubarb juice and Dad took pictures. Ernie was the gopher and helped kids take the pedal go-cart thingy around the track in the driveway or play the giant snakes and ladders game. Cory and I were the greeters. There was a local lady who came and sang some country music with her karaoke machine and the church youth group band came and played, then stayed to play snakes and ladders and have a weiner roast. Rafe would've been there, maybe even with stilts, but he got food poisoning, the poor thing!

19 May 2006

One Day ...

This is what I do to my kitchen in just one day ... a regular day.

18 May 2006

Maunderings ...

I took Epona back to the dealership this morning and they fixed 'er up. No more oily puddles. It's a much more reasonable temperature today. The dandelions are in full bloom.

So is the little bush Mary gave me last year.

It got jostled and moved and neglected and finally planted (at entirely the wrong time for transplanting) by Cory and Ernie, then Sirs Bunrab nibbled most of the branches to nubs over the winter. I was so surprised when I saw green on it this spring.

These little guys are this year's volunteer plants. They're coming up along the east side of the house, by the purple German Irises. Last year, I had volunteer pansies and the year before I had volunteer California Poppies.

Wednesday - I spent the day with Barbara and Annailese, hanging about in very little clothing, doing paper work. Annailese had the good sense to eschew clothing altogether for the entire day. It was stinkin' hot! Rafe came over and we built a ginormous salad for dinner. He brought pumkin pie. Mmmm!

Tuesday - The hey-you-should-have-driven-about-8,000km.-by-now-so-it's-about-time-for-your-first-oil-change-and-service light's been on in the car, so I took Epona in to the dealership, even though it's still under 3,000 km. They put the summer tires on and changed the oil and checked all the things they check and apparently forgot to tighten something when they were done. I left wee puddles of oil behind everywhere I went on my circuit of a bazillion errands.

Sunday - Mona, Pete, Rose, Cassandra, Mom, Dad and I had a weiner roast in the terra cotta chimnea in the APs back yard. My godmother's sister's new husband backed out of my godparents' driveway into Epona. His sedan had stove-in corner on the back bumper. Epona had a l'il scuff on the back driver's side fender. Dad polished it out with toothpaste and now I can't tell where it was.

Saturday - Jake had a jam party. He runs on musician time. I left around two ... the jam was just starting.

Friday - Mary, Mona, Mom and I met for lunch to plot the gathering in August, when Dad and I will celebrate 115 years. I was going to ask Mary for a piece of her rhubarb plant (mine's still in the garden of the house I sold to Darren and he sold to Nancy) when she next split it, but figured she's way too busy to think about that right now. Mary brought rhubarb to lunch for me and Mona. Wheee! They're pieces my great (great?) grandmother's (the one who grew up with Lucy Maude Montgomery ... I thought she got the plant from LMM, but Mom's not sure about that) plant. Mom has some kind of rhubarb sickness in her gardens, so she can't have any for a few years, so Mary's spreading it out is also insurance, in case the disease gets to her garden.

After lunch, I admired Mona and Pete's new car ... it's spiffy and smaller than their old car. Nina and I took her iMac and my old iMac apart, to try to make one working FrankeniMac out of them, but discovered that all the good bits had been removed from mine. Bah. We went for dinner and found ourselves at the wrong end of Whyte Avenue after the hockey game. It took us a couple of hours to creep the ten minute drive home through throngs of giddy fans. Fortunately, they were just giddy at that point and hadn't yet turned into the bottle-tossing mob.

Thursday - Dad and I went to the AMA to order a Trip Tik map thingy for my Fair trip. Then we went for lunch. Dad drove Epona ... said she's nimble.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 16:05
Hours of dark: less than 1 (twilight is figured differently on this site)
Sunrise: 5:28 am
Sunset: 9:33 pm
Start of twilight: 1:38 am
End of twilight: 1:20 pm

Current weather: Mostly Clear. 22°C (71°F), wind NNW 19.2 km/h (12 mph), relative humidity 24%, pressure 29.89 in Hg.

Today.. Sunny. High 25°C.
Tonight.. A few clouds. Low 9°C.
Friday.. A mix of sun and cloud. Wind becoming E 30 km/h late in the morning. High 24°C.
Saturday.. Cloudy with 60% chance of showers. Low 10°C. High 22°C.
Sunday.. Sunny. Low 12°C. High 22°C.
Monday.. A mix of sun and cloud. Low 10°C. High 23°C.
Normals for the period.. Low 4°C. High 18°C.

17 May 2006

It's 25°C in the house and it feels cool. It was a stinkin' hot day. It's only May!
My Nan (my Mom's Mom) made the best marmalade. She said never gave out the recipe, and she never let anyone help her make it. She made small batches, and it was always a special treat. She told me that, since I loved it best, I was to have the recipe when she died.

Nan died when I was twelve or so. I was devastated. People I knew didn't die. I didn't even know anybody who'd ever mentioned anyone they knew dying. The funeral was horrible ... some wrinkled up old bat in a box, and someone who didn't have anything nice to say about her when she was alive going on about great she was. That was the first funeral I ever went to.

We have a family recipe for Christmas cake. It came from my Grandma (my Dad's Mom). It's passed 'round and lost and recopied so many times that it likely bears little resemblance to the original, but it's still very good. I'd given the recipe to Darren's Mom, she lost it a couple of years later and phoned to get it again ... only I couldn't find my copy. So Mom and I were going through boxes and boxes of her recipes, trying to find it. As a last resort, we checked in the boxes of "old" recipes ... I'd never gone through these ones before ... Mom said they were other people's recipes and she'd just put them away when she got them and hardly ever took them out. We finally found it in a chipped pink tin recipe box.

Well, we found a recipe at any rate ... probably copied from the original ... likely given by one grandmother to the other. It was in Nan's handwriting ... and tucked right behind it was her recipe for marmalade. The card is old and brittle and deep, deep yellow ... in her spidery handwriting, in pencil, are three words: Seville Oranges Sugar. Mom and I laughed until we cried. I take that treasured recipe out at the time of year when Seville Oranges are available ... and I think about Nan. Some day, I'll try to recreate her marmalade.

13 May 2006

A Story for Dani ...

Once upon a time, she fretted over a project for weeks and weeks, but was unhappy with how it was coming along. As this was mindful knitting, this would not do. Not at all. Being a fairytale fond of tradition, this one has a frog (that's what all the trendy knitbloggers call it when you rip out your knitting ... rip it out ... ribbit ... ribbit ... yah, whatever ... there had to be a frog). She frogged the whole thing and started over.

But all those bumps had to go, 'cuz she couldn't knit from a pile of kinky yarn like that. Being also a modern fairytale and nothing at all like Rapunzel, there is a trusty spare office chair, about whose sturdy armrests she carefully wound the frogged yarn. Miz Bequita Banana and Sister Cleopatra Longtail, the cats of great determination, helped immeasurably.

At this point, the fairytale takes a Grecian turn when Three Heroes Henry (hanks, for short) conquer the computer minotaurs under the watchful eye of Earl, February's naked calendar guy.

After which, the Three Heroes Henry (hanks for short) and their friend, D'Artagnan, had a long soak in a cool tub and hung out (as friends are wont to do).

In the tradition of the brothers Gimm, all is not sunshine and light and conquering heroes in this tale. Nay, there is torture! One by one, our heroes are stretched out on the swift and wound up on the ball winder. Cover your eyes, gentle reader, lest you faint dead away at the sight. Even Tiger Kitten Cat, fierce and bold, king of all he surveys, left the chamber before it was done ... surely fleeing the horror, not taking the opportunity to filch the baked tofu from her salad while she was otherwise occupied.

As soon as the hanks were gone, they were forgotten, as she had four just-like-new- balls of soft mohair to knit, with no pricking of fingers and no dwarves named Rumpelstilzchen or anything else. And knit she did.

When she had knit it, she got a little carried away.

She blocked it and cut the ribbons and threaded the first before she realized she'd forgotten to take pictures betwixt, so she winged it.

And then it was done. When the sun shone upon the kingdom once again, she took it out into the light, the better to be seen and photographed, its ribbons blowing in the breeze. But wait!

What's that? 'Tis prayer shawl made solely of yarn and silken ribbons. Why, then, does the eye catch a glimmer, a sparkle, a glister?

Who is that, sitting so still?

It's Sir Bunrab! For it is in his garden that all this takes place.

She folded and boxed and taped and addressed and sent the shawl off to her accomplice in another land. Her friend and accomplice saw to its conferral. It now adorns the shoulders for which it was meant.

And they all lived happily ever after.

06 May 2006

'Ware The Cabbages ...

I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea. The next thing I knew, I'd committed coleslaw and the beginnings of a roasted vegetable casserole (since I was cutting onions and carrots anyway). The world is full of traps for the easily distracted. At least I remembered the tea. All is not for naught.

01 May 2006


It's not that I've been too busy to blog, really. There've been busy bits, and then feeling too lousy to bother bits in between. It seems like most everyone is coming out from under this pig of a cold, finally.

I went to a barbecue at Mona and Pete's, yesterday. It was a veritable feast! Pete barbecued burgers and dogs and tofu. The best potato salad I've ever had, an incredible lentil, nut, sprouted grain salad, fruit, veggies, cake (kek, if you're three) ... yum! Cassandra said, "Auntie Lynn! Auntie Lynn! Thank you so much for bringing tofu to our party! You're spoiling us!" ... not something you hear every day, nope.

It was a damned fine party! Some of Pete's friends, some of Mona's friends, some of the girls' friends ... a fun mix of people. I got to visit with some good folx I don't see often, and meet some new ones.

No, she's not doing what it looks like she's doing. She and her boy are each holding up a piece of tofu.

This is the catch-up part ... pics from last weekend. Hop-up-type stilts, strap-on-type stilts, cameras, neighbours out to watch ... we had it all.

Ernie peeking at the other cool stuff in Rafe's car, besides stilts.

He had to borrow Rafe's shoes 'cuz his were too huge to fit in the stilt stirrup thingies.

Cory was most intrigued by the whole process.

Rafe had them running their hands along the eavestrough to steady themselves, but mostly they were walking on their own within just a few minutes.

Ernie Longlegs. You'd think he'd look at least a little nervous.

Cory Uphigh. You'd think he would, too.

Look, Ma! No hands! Nervous? She was practically onto the stilts before the rest of us got out the door.

I love my life.