01 November 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 ... GO!

I met my new neighbours, Penelope fuzzy elephant and Beatrix adorable pumpkin last night. Aw!
I also met their parents, whose names I do not remember. Oops.
I barked my not-even-a-little-bit-quiet laugh and scared Beatrix. Oops
Made faces at her 'til she decided maybe I wasn't evil and dangerous. Whew!

Oct 31:
x Dress up as witch
√ Greet and feed sugar to Hallowe'eners
√ Join Edmonton Wrimos IRC chat (NaNoWriMo)
√ Visit neighbourhood haunted yard with Dawn Chicken
x Attend Feast of Tsirrin
√ Get first day's writing quota down before bed (after midnight)

• Attend Stanley Milner Nov 1 write-in and tour (NaNoWriMo)
• Work at OSPAC
• Write

• Work at OSPAC
• See Albert’s Afraid blacklight puppet show with Rory and Camilla
• Bring Rory and Camilla home for sleep-over
• Write

• Laundry and other things domestic
• Attend Strathcona Library Write-In (NaNoWriMo)
• Write

02 October 2013

Pigeon Stalker

I stalked pigeons this morning in the barely-above-freezing rain, trying to get a decent picture to show Dani that they really are pretty here. The bird brains are, however, wiggly, so I have less-than-convincing pics. There will be more pigeon stalking.

11 September 2013


Nieces in ponchos.
Same nieces in same ponchos when they were new in 2007 (the ponchos, not the girls).

06 September 2013

Fathers Day

 We went on the streetcar today, Dad and I ... through Old Strathcona, under a building, across the High Level Bridge to Jasper Ave, and back again. 

We went to the Little Royal Gallery and looked at old photos of Edmonton from the Provincial Archives. We walked through Old Strathcona and found the houses he used to live in. We drove through Skunk Hollow and then went for lunch at the New York Bagel Cafe. Sure, we had a fambly gathering on Father's Day proper (or thereabouts), but now's when we've had time to go on an adventure together. It was great! Happy Father's Day, Dad

30 August 2013



Whack o'zucchini from MJ on Monday and two grocery bags of kale from her last night.
Drive-by zucchini, green beans, glass jugs, and eggs drop-off by Neen this morning.
I see kale chips, Hail to the Kale salad, and, after I pick up cheese and spuds from the market tomorrow, frittata.
Thanks, ladies! You truly rock.

28 July 2013


Folk Fest(s) rehearsal at Expressionz. Jordan suggested Helpless for the finale (after Alex suggested doing something Canadian) ... great call! It sounds great and gets Trevor in the spotlight a little bit. Dheano's doing a fabulous job Music Directoring.

04 May 2013


I think the story is that our I-don't-know-how-many-greats grandmother brought rhubarb to her new home in Alberta as a homesteading gift from her friend, Lucy Maud Montgomery. It gets divided and divided again, so that everyone has some of it in their yard. I grew up eating that PEI rhubarb from my Nan's and Mom's plants, and later my own.

The soil at this house is hard and clay-y, and dry enough that it breaks up into cubes when you dig in it. The rhubarb I planted when I first moved into this house died of that soil and neglect. One of my neighbours has done much to improve the condition of the soil in his yard and has glorious, ambitious rhubarb in his yard. I admire and envy his rhubarb.

When my sister divided her plant, she put a piece of it in a bucket for me and flang it in the back of her vehicle. It rode around in there for entirely too long before we saw each other. Then I left it on the back step and didn't plant it for way too long. It went into the ground late that summer. It didn't get much of a chance to get established as I planted it in just exactly the spot where the path ended up once it snowed, so it was trod upon all winter.

In the spring, I moved it, setting back any getting-established progress it might have made the year before. That was a dry, dry summer and I was away for the hottest part of it. Poor ol' Rhuby didn't do much that summer.  It came up the next spring, though, a bit tentatively. I sloshed rinse water from the dishes on it whenever I thought of it, and it survived the summer. Each year, it gets a little stronger, and last year, it produced a couple of edible stalks while my neighbour's grew up past door knob height and about two metres in diameter.

By the time Rhuby pokes her head out of the ground, neighbour's got a nice little mound already. Until this year. Rhuby came up at the same time! I don't expect her to have caught up, but she may actually be getting established after her rough start.

29 April 2013

Dani's walking again.

You can sponsor her here.
You can sponsor her in your own name,
in someone else's name,
in someone's memory.

For donations under $25, you can PayPal Dani (solasclAThotmailDOTcom) and she will add it to the total. Whatever you can do helps.