11 September 2013


Nieces in ponchos.
Same nieces in same ponchos when they were new in 2007 (the ponchos, not the girls).

06 September 2013

Fathers Day

 We went on the streetcar today, Dad and I ... through Old Strathcona, under a building, across the High Level Bridge to Jasper Ave, and back again. 

We went to the Little Royal Gallery and looked at old photos of Edmonton from the Provincial Archives. We walked through Old Strathcona and found the houses he used to live in. We drove through Skunk Hollow and then went for lunch at the New York Bagel Cafe. Sure, we had a fambly gathering on Father's Day proper (or thereabouts), but now's when we've had time to go on an adventure together. It was great! Happy Father's Day, Dad