30 May 2007

Wednesday Gallimaufry ...

When I was out, the little Mountain Ash sucker that was to go to the lake got mowed. Oops.

I am disappointed that I have not yet convinced the pet supply people to apply the cat food to the litter directly, thereby saving me the bother of running it through cats first.

Two women seeking left-handed person with small hands
Barbara has a box of left-hand rubber gloves in her utility closet, as she can't bring herself to throw them out when she wears holes in the right-hand ones. I wear only one glove at a time, so I bought mine a size too big. That way, when I wear a hole in the right-hand one, I can wear the left-hand one backwards on the wrong hand (it made sense in my head at the time, though now I'm wearing a too-big right-hand glove and will someday be wearing a too-big and backwards left-hand one). There has to be someone out there who wears out left-hand rubber gloves!

Why Am I Not Abed ...

Miss Annailese asked me to take a picture to show everyone that she can reach this high:

And Mr. Eyelashes would like us to think he slipped and painted his arm by accident:

I just had a lovely visit and dinner and more visit with Rafe, and finally saw his bus. Cool digs!

26 May 2007

Last year, for the first time since I planted it, the May Day tree out front bloomed by May 1. This year, it bloomed about three weeks later.

This is the time of year when I skulk about in the house, avoiding my neighbours.

Not really, but if I had any shame at all, I would. Just look at that deep grass and sea of dandelions! I let them go 'til Sir Bunrab has feasted on the first batch of white puffy seedheads. This year, however, I shall mow before they go to seed, as one of my neighbours as planted new grass seed.

24 May 2007

Unique ...

Sir Bunrab, fleeing the scary creature with the camera.

Yes, I recognize that language does and should change.
No, I do not recognize that every little misuse of a word is a part of the evolution of language.
Yes, I curmudge about the ones that get up my nose.
Yes, I am aware that my use of language is far from perfect.

I do not like it when perfectly good words become watered down.

Something unique is the only one of its kind. Sometimes, it is something particularly remarkable. If something is unique, it is beyond rare, beyond distinctive. One thing cannot be more unique than another, as it is an absolute quality. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Being excited about a thing does not make it unique. Unique is a word one would expect to hear only occasionally, rather than once per half-hour TV show or three or four times per conversation or blog post.

07 May 2007

A Monday Farrago ...

I'm going for lunch with Kitty and Dannie today ... and taking them their Christmas present. Mayhap I ought to work a bit harder at getting together with them.

Then I'm off to the store to acquire cat food and kitty litter, unless I can convince them to apply the former to the latter and save me the trouble.

My current working theory is that Gene Kelly had allergies and that's why he was so happy about the rain.

Some guys in a big truck came and sawed off the back eighth or so of the neighbours' garage and left again.