24 May 2007

Unique ...

Sir Bunrab, fleeing the scary creature with the camera.

Yes, I recognize that language does and should change.
No, I do not recognize that every little misuse of a word is a part of the evolution of language.
Yes, I curmudge about the ones that get up my nose.
Yes, I am aware that my use of language is far from perfect.

I do not like it when perfectly good words become watered down.

Something unique is the only one of its kind. Sometimes, it is something particularly remarkable. If something is unique, it is beyond rare, beyond distinctive. One thing cannot be more unique than another, as it is an absolute quality. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Being excited about a thing does not make it unique. Unique is a word one would expect to hear only occasionally, rather than once per half-hour TV show or three or four times per conversation or blog post.

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Shaky said...

Get Em Honey!!

And thanks for the picture of said bunny.. i know you did it just cause I asked.. :)