29 February 2008

Lovely Leap Day ...

Yummy tofu and mango and apple in creamy red curry sauce lunch with Nina.
Afternoon in the sun at the Mosquito Ranch with Chelsea and Barbara and l'il uns.
I burned the dead guys' hats.
I fixed my shoulder yesterday with the cutting board
My skin hasn't hurt for a while, now.
More later.

18 February 2008

Happy Family Day ...

It is a glorious day out! Bright, sunny and warm. The windows are open, the garbage is out, and the compost (which has been full to the top since I chucked the frozen jack o'lanterns in after hallowe'en) has settled, finally.
It's one in a series of bright, sunny, warm days.
Saturday was bright, sunny, warm and windy. Mary brought Ernie in for his birthday sleep-over. We ordered Indian and went to see Jumper.
We failed to run errands yesterday and went to get him a water bottle at Earth's General Store. How cool is it that my two teenaged nephews wanted keeper water bottles for their birthdays? Then I drove Ernie home on nice dry highways.
We saw Harleys on the road ... usually a Sign of Spring, it was a sign of our annual dead-of-winter thaw. I think it's (the thaw, not the Harleys) what keeps us from going completely nuts in the winter. Last week at this time, I was taking Epona in to the dealership to find out why it was overheating. They couldn't find anything wrong with her. I think she'd just been so very frozen for so long that she couldn't thaw out enough to run properly until we'd had a couple of days of really nice weather. Poor thing.

07 February 2008

Today's Poppet Quotes ...

"You smell like broccoli. Or chocolate. I'm not sure."

"You're such a good auntie." ... patting the top of my head

"I am going to take you to school on Special A day. I will carry you all the way to school. I will put you in my cubby. At the end of the day, I will show you for my special thing that starts with A 'cuz you start with A for Auntie Lynn."

"Why did you pour the tea on the floor?"

"Auntie Lynn, you look skinny"

02 February 2008

Ooohlala of the North ...

Mmm, silk underthings!
The only silk underthings I own are long johns.