18 February 2008

Happy Family Day ...

It is a glorious day out! Bright, sunny and warm. The windows are open, the garbage is out, and the compost (which has been full to the top since I chucked the frozen jack o'lanterns in after hallowe'en) has settled, finally.
It's one in a series of bright, sunny, warm days.
Saturday was bright, sunny, warm and windy. Mary brought Ernie in for his birthday sleep-over. We ordered Indian and went to see Jumper.
We failed to run errands yesterday and went to get him a water bottle at Earth's General Store. How cool is it that my two teenaged nephews wanted keeper water bottles for their birthdays? Then I drove Ernie home on nice dry highways.
We saw Harleys on the road ... usually a Sign of Spring, it was a sign of our annual dead-of-winter thaw. I think it's (the thaw, not the Harleys) what keeps us from going completely nuts in the winter. Last week at this time, I was taking Epona in to the dealership to find out why it was overheating. They couldn't find anything wrong with her. I think she'd just been so very frozen for so long that she couldn't thaw out enough to run properly until we'd had a couple of days of really nice weather. Poor thing.


biboy said...

I have to ask, as I don't know... what is a 'keeper' water bottle? :)

Dandelion said...

A reusable one. The ones the boys chose are stainless steel, made by Sigg.
(oops ... very belated reply)