22 February 2010

Brain dump from early 2007:
I want it to be web-based.
I want a blank slate to start with, into which I can type, chuck photos, toss files, drop addresses, doodle with a tablet.
I want to dump the information first, then decide what to do with it.
I want it all to go into a big pool where I can fish things out by folder or tag or type of thing it is or date or any one of a bajillion other criteria.
I want to be able to hook any one piece to another or to a calendar date or chuck it into a folder.
Then I want to be able to change my mind.
I want to be able to do things in batches.
I want a calendar, and I want it to sync with iCal and Google Calendar.
I want folders.
I want tags.
I want a thought cloud.
I want drag-and-drop.
There are lots of great things out there with lots of different ways to retrieve information, but the input part is limited. I don't want to have to think about how to fit what I want to say into a one-line box, or any kind of set fill-in-the-blank thing.

Not quite there yet, but getting closer all the time, but not quite there yet ... etc. Google Wave, Scrivener, Flickr, Shove Box ... I like these, starting to get kinda sorta close to what I want.

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