01 May 2006


It's not that I've been too busy to blog, really. There've been busy bits, and then feeling too lousy to bother bits in between. It seems like most everyone is coming out from under this pig of a cold, finally.

I went to a barbecue at Mona and Pete's, yesterday. It was a veritable feast! Pete barbecued burgers and dogs and tofu. The best potato salad I've ever had, an incredible lentil, nut, sprouted grain salad, fruit, veggies, cake (kek, if you're three) ... yum! Cassandra said, "Auntie Lynn! Auntie Lynn! Thank you so much for bringing tofu to our party! You're spoiling us!" ... not something you hear every day, nope.

It was a damned fine party! Some of Pete's friends, some of Mona's friends, some of the girls' friends ... a fun mix of people. I got to visit with some good folx I don't see often, and meet some new ones.

No, she's not doing what it looks like she's doing. She and her boy are each holding up a piece of tofu.

This is the catch-up part ... pics from last weekend. Hop-up-type stilts, strap-on-type stilts, cameras, neighbours out to watch ... we had it all.

Ernie peeking at the other cool stuff in Rafe's car, besides stilts.

He had to borrow Rafe's shoes 'cuz his were too huge to fit in the stilt stirrup thingies.

Cory was most intrigued by the whole process.

Rafe had them running their hands along the eavestrough to steady themselves, but mostly they were walking on their own within just a few minutes.

Ernie Longlegs. You'd think he'd look at least a little nervous.

Cory Uphigh. You'd think he would, too.

Look, Ma! No hands! Nervous? She was practically onto the stilts before the rest of us got out the door.

I love my life.

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