28 May 2006

Infits ...

That's what the outfits Rose and Cassandra wore to church became when they got there. Mm hmm.

Mary's Open Farm Day was grand. She told folks about her CSA and Linda told 'em about the chickens and how the straw and chicken poop from the coop is composted for the garden and how the meat birds' enclosure gets moved every day so they have fresh grass to eat and fertilize a new section of the lawn and Robin tended the fire and gave folks carrots to feed the horses and told 'em about how the horse poop is composted for the garden and local folks came to talk about their bison, naturally raised beef, local natural honey and beeswax products, you-pick saskatoons, and natural produce. Mom fed folx rhubarb juice and Dad took pictures. Ernie was the gopher and helped kids take the pedal go-cart thingy around the track in the driveway or play the giant snakes and ladders game. Cory and I were the greeters. There was a local lady who came and sang some country music with her karaoke machine and the church youth group band came and played, then stayed to play snakes and ladders and have a weiner roast. Rafe would've been there, maybe even with stilts, but he got food poisoning, the poor thing!

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