23 April 2005

Bruised hair ...

I got way too much sun yesterday. As a result, last night I had an extremely vivid and detailed dream.

All my life I've had poker-straight hair (that shoulda been my first clue that I was dreaming, but it seemed so reasonable at the time) and I finally got a great haircut ... no matter what I did to it, it fell back into place all by itself every time. A side effect of this haircut was the colour. Under fluorescent lighting it was hot pink and under incandescent lighting it was glowey lime green. The really cool part was how it looked in sunlight, though ... it matched whatever colour my bruises were that day ... robin's egg blue, dark blue, violet, dark purple, black, brown, green, yellow, beige ... mm hmm, one flexible haircut. I was actually startled when I looked in the mirror and saw the usual mess of not-bruise-colour.

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