27 December 2005


I spent Christmas Eve wrapping gifts and watching Scrooged, then The Muppet Christmas Carol. I didn't get to A Christmas Carol (the Alastair Sim one ... and mine's not colourized) or It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas. My godparents gave me Miracle on 34th Street this year. In past years, I've watched them all over several evenings, but I knew that would make me miss Pat horribly. I'll go back to doing that next year, and maybe add The Bells of St. Mary's to the collection.

It smelled like early spring outside when Iwent to the APs for breakfast on Christmas day. There were hugs and smooches all 'round. The deep cold in the ground and the accumulations of hoarfrost kept a tiny bit of very little snow we've had around and kept it from being a completely brown Christmas. The dog was absurdly wiggly all day. Mary and Robin and Cory and Ernie and Linda came after lunch. Hugs and smooches all 'round. Mona and Pete and Rose and Cassandra came after naptime. More hugs and smooches all 'round. Linda got a remote control robot with which Rose and Cassandra were considerably less than enchanted. We had a wonderful dinner that came together smoothly and all got to be there for it this year. As everyone went home, there were more hugs and smooches all 'round, of course, 'cuz that's one thing we're really good at.

I didn't do anything productive yesterday. I didn't even make the bed! I always make the bed!

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