11 October 2006

Happy Harvest Celebration ...

Past the equinox, not quite Samhain, Thanksgiving in Canada ... Happy Whatever Autumn Festival you choose to celebrate.

I stopped at Mary's on the way to the lake on Sunday, to see Linda's new room in all its green glory and to drop off the bed lifters I ordered, then Cory and I headed to the lake to hang out with Mom and her sister and help get dinner ready. Robin, Ernie, Linda, Mary, Dad and my uncle were all there for dinner, as well. It was very nice. While Mona, Pete, Rose and Cassandra were not in the same physical location as the rest of us, I know they were together, safe, and enjoying a much deserved holiday away in a lovely location.

On Monday, Nina went for breakfast to celebrate her Grammie and Grampie's anniversary with Patty and Jaime and the girls. Patty, Jaime and the girls, Nina, Barbara, Miles and Annailese and I all converged on Chelsea and Darwin's afterwards. Darwin, Miles and Jaime shovelled and spread mulch and put up a little playground climby, swingy fort thing for Bernie. We had a fire and watched the kids roar around a chalked racetrack on the driveway on their bikes. Barbara made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We dragged the kitchen table into the dining room and set the two tables as one so we could all sit together. T'was grand!

Nina and I did a bunch of running around, today, getting her finances in some semblance of order, so she can focus and not feel so out of control. Then we went for sushi!

I have, as always, so very much for which to be thankful. I've a wealth of family and friends ... I'm surrounded by amazing, gifted, loving people. I live in a world of possibility, of plently. I know that not everyone does. So while this time of year is the time to reflect on harvest, bounty, and thankfulness, I also think of it as a day to consider what I can do to help make it so for everyone.


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biboy said...

A belated happy Thanky day to you dahlink :) I was at a cousin's wedding, so it was a great way to spend the holiday with family and friends :) hugs, daveyc