07 April 2007

Goose! Duck!! Ahhhhhh!

I drove under a formation of Canada Geese today, on the way to the lake! They were flying low enough that I could see feathers ... and the light was just so enough that they looked like glowing geese. Very cool! Then I drove past a gravel truck that must've had a hole in it. There were rocks bouncing all over the road (and off my windshield, damn it!) and the truck had a dust cloud like Pigpen.

I had a nice afternoon at the lake, ran a couple of errands on the way home, fed the cats, ran a load of wash, boiled a bunch of eggs, filled some water jugs and now I'm off to bed so I can get back out to the lake early enough for the great egg hunt!

Way back in the very olden days, the moon sometimes came down to walk on the earth. The sun walked on the earth sometimes, and the rivers got out of their banks and walked the earth. The wind grew legs and walked around sometimes, too. When the moon walked on the earth, she was sometimes called Eostre. She would tell the crops when to grow and the animals when to make babies. Late one winter, she came upon a badly hurt bird. She had a soft heart and did not want the bird to die, so with her magics, she turned the bird into a hare. The transformation was not quite complete, though. While the bird looked like a hare, she still had the ability to lay eggs. Every year, to show her gratitude, at the full moon after the vernal equinox, she would lay eggs and decorate them to leave as gifts for Eostre. She still does, to this day, but we call her the Easter Bunny (and often mistakenly refer to her as him).

Happy spring festival, Easter or otherwise.

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