21 July 2007

That's All ...

I got the tent washed today, and some laundry done.

My tent fits on my bed.

Then I went familying. I got to see everyone but Ernie, who was golfing in Leduc.

Says Cassandra, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a fire fighter and ambulance driver and a veterinarian and a cook and a doctor and a baker and a person who sells glass breakable things at a store"
Says I, "Wait! Let me get a piece of paper to write this all down."
Once it was written down, says Cassandra, "I will write my name so you know who will do all this. Now I am going to draw a picture of all these things and all the animals I will help."

Later, when asked, Rose said she will be a fire fighter, a cook, a veterinarian, a juggler, a farmer, she will play the violin and walk on stilts. "And that's all."

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