12 March 2005

Holding ...

I'm in a kind of holding pattern right now, just working on getting through the last (no more than, but possibly less than) eleven weeks of work. Now that I've said out loud that I'm leaving, it can't come soon enough. All of the things that made me absolutely mental about working there are much tougher to gloss over. The place is a nuthouse with all those adults all on different schedules and at least a couple of them are utter slobs. I like it when the girls aren't up yet when I get there, so I can pick up the used kleenexes and bits of dental floss, dirty socks, books of matches, TV remotes and dirty dishes, keys, pens, plastic bags, sharp knives and other stuff that gets left out by the ones who come in late at night when there're no kids around. If I have time, I clean the kitchen, too.

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