18 March 2005

Things seen on/from the bus ...

On a billboard:
Where men sweep and clean house without being asked.

On the side of a truck:
Better Shred Than Read!
That one makes me nuts. I think it was designed to make pedants' heads explode.

This guy with long grey hair, lots of it, kinda slicked back and bits sticking out at the temples, made him look like an old, dessicated Wolverine. He had this white patch safety-pinned on his back, across his shoulders, all punk, except it's pinned to a grey vest over four or five jackets of various blues and greys and it's zig-zagged around the edges like nothing a punk would be caught dead in and it says in red machine-stitched letters an inch high, "GET RIGHT WITH GOD AND GOD WILL MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT FOR YOU" and he's got all this hair ...
(I was reading a William Gibson at the time)

Just the other day I was noticing how the river ice was starting to break up, now it's all covered in snow again. We had three weeks of spring-like weather, but it started in February. I wasn't fooled. We had a true indian summer this year, then we had an indian fall and now we're having an indian winter. I wonder if there'll be an indian spring, too.

She was beautiful. Her hair, what I could see of it under a black pillbox hat, was black and razor-cut very short. What struck me first was how perfectly the pale salmon lipstick complemented her deep mahogany skin, then I noticed how strikingly her otherwise unremarkable features were arranged in her square face. It could as easily have been a man's face.
(I was reading a Richard Morgan at the time)

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