01 November 2005

I met Nina when she was seven. In April, Nina had a school retreat before her grad. Parents of the grads were asked to write letters to them, to be delivered at the retreat. I was honoured to be asked to write one to Nina. I didn't want to post it before her retreat and then forgot to, so here it is.

Dearest Nina,

At seven, you were remarkable. You told me when I was to be the adult and when I didn't have to be and you made it the standard for my relationships with not only you, but your brother, your cousin, and many others.

At ten, you told me your hopes and dreams and troubles and fears. You trusted me.

At thirteen, you said you wanted to go to the Fair with me and you helped me figure out what rules would be fair for both of us.

At sixteen, you told me your hopes and dreams and troubles and fears. You still trusted me.

This year has been a little different and a little the same. We shared a roof for a while and, while the circumstances weren't the best, it was still a great experience. And when my world fell apart, there you were, being the adult, the caring friend.

At seven, you were a remarkable little girl.
Today, you're a remarkable woman, intelligent, loyal, thoughtful, vibrant and beautiful. You have a natural poise and presence. I am honoured to call you friend and look forward to seeing who you become next year, and the next and the next and the next ...

With all my love,

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