26 July 2006

Catch Up ...

My on-the-road knitting is usually a bag full of acrylic (with at least a little wool content if I have my way, but sometimes it's donated, so I don't) yarn to make eight-inch squared for Blankets for Canada. Rose and Cassandra always ask me what I'm knitting. I always say I'm making squares, then they ask why and I tell them that the squares will be made into blankets for people who don't have any blankets to sleep in. They play with the squares and ask if they can keep one each for their lovies (special stuffed animals), who don't have any blankets and I tell them that one day, I'll make blankets for their lovies, but that these squares are for blankets for people who have none.

For a while, though, it was Cory's blanket. I crocheted each of Mary's kids a baby blanket and have added to them as the kids grew. Cory's is a hexagon and is now over six feet across the short way. I never did make baby blankets for Mona's kids, so I figured it was about time. They each started out with four squares using three colours, bordered with the three colours ... then a row (on two sides) of seven squares, each using two of the three colours and another random colour, with the whole mess bordered with a couple of the random colours ... then a row (on the same two sides) of eleven squares in (sort of) random colours, with the whole mess bordered in a couple of those (sort of) random colours ... then a final row of fifteen squares in random colours (on the same two sides), with the whole mess bordered in a couple of those random colours, mostly purple for Rose and pink for Cassandra. And two little blankies with similar borders to the big ones, for their lovies.

Here are the (tum-ta-dum!) Entropy Blankets with their sidekicks:

And then I got brave and tried two-colour knitting ... nothing scary like intarsia, though. I had a look at this book about slip-stitch knitting and gave it a try. I later read about doing the edging with different size needles ... I'll do that next time.

It's nothing spectacular, so I used a model to spice up the picture:

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