12 December 2006

Doing ...

Friday: Errands, errands, and more errands ... after digging the car out 'cuz the street got ploughed. Just the top layer got ploughed, then it was melty, so the ruts were back, worse than ever. The cards turned out well, each with a different hat on the same background:

They did not say, "Here's your hat. I gave it away" ... though I was tempted. Marmaduke teased me about giving a bald guy a picture of a warm hat in this weather. Enough with the hat pictures, already, eh? I'll be mostly done with them soon, honest.

Saturday: I went to a mall ... on a Saturday ... in December. Only for Patty would I do such a thing! Cookie & Tree party at Adele's ... not very many kids, this year, but still fun. The three youngest, Rose, Cassandra and Annailese, weren't there, this time. Then there was the car-shuffle in the driveway as folks left, clean-up, icing adjustments, restocking snacks and dinner ... a bit of down time between rounds. Then the grown-ups showed up to do the same things the kids had done, only mostly booze-powered instead of sugar-powered. I had half a beer at around 9 ... whadda lush. I folded a bazillion snowflake blanks ('cuz it drives me nuts when they're square or eight-sided) and actually managed to stay ahead of the game! The girls (even me!) sang carols up in the loft 'til the rest of the musicians arrove and turned it into a (great) jam. We had a rotating pushing squad working all night 'cuz the road in front of Adele's was horrible! I managed not to get stuck ... whew! Got to bed at six a.m.

Sunday: So very tired! Had a great time at Greenwoods Books with the fambly. Dad came, this time, too, and had fun. Yay! Then Mom, Mary, Cory, Ernie, Linda and I headed to Planet Organic for a bit and I raced home to feed the cats, grab a bite, and change, then off to the APs. The three of us went to the Canadian Folk Music Awards ... good show, great music, laughs.

Monday: Knitting day ... Poppet Project.

Today is another errand day, if I'm not too beat after I go shovel the car out again. And again, the barstids just scraped the top layer. It's unusual for the front street to get ploughed at all ... twice in a week is nuts ... and twice without doing the job right ... bleh.

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