05 December 2006

Ceiling Wax ...

The furnace started making funny noises. I went to check it out and discovered a large puddle on the laundry room/furnace room floor and the pump spitting water out all over the place. Bah!

The furnace guy came and replaced the condensate pump (it was full of little bits of plastic ... something inside went kerblam, but it still kept pumping water - just not up the hose, like it's supposed to). Since the one-year warranty ran out two months ago, I paid for the new pump. He didn't charge me for the service call or the labour, though, and gave the rest of the furnace a check-up while he was at it.

I had a lovely time with Mona, Pete, Jacqueline and Colleen at the Blue Chair Café, where friends Al Brandt and Dale Ladouceur were playing together. They're involved in several projects together, but this was their first gig as just the two of them.

When I was little and Dad would go out curling in the evenings, I would picture him in his heavy zippered cardigan, with toe rubbers on his shoes, standing on the outdoor hockey rink under the light, sweeping snow off a boulder twice his height. I knew this was what he was doing because he'd told me he was going to the rink to sweep rocks. I also knew that Puff The Magic Dragon treasured ceiling wax.

Jack Frost made my windows pretty.

And his friend, the North Wind, made the house across the street into a gingerbread house.

And then I knit some more hats (surprise!). Mona reminded me that, though Christmas is still a little ways off, the Christmas party where I wish to give the cards (with the hat pictures on them) away is next weekend. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Another knit with two strands of Lang Tosca ... child to teen.

And another knit with two strans of Lang Tosca ... infant.

And another knit with two strands of Lang Tosca until I ran out, then some other lovely yarn whose ball band is missing (sadly ... it's nice stuff ... I'd like some more) ... teen to adult.

Yikes! It's December already and I had't knit any socks for Annailese's advent calendar, yet! Two more in the works.

Mister Joe mohair (black, some of which comes off on hands and needles, bah) held together with silk garden ... adult.

Back to it. One more hat, two more little advent socks, cards (design and make) to go this week. Then I'm free to finish the poppet projects.

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