30 November 2006

A shot of the hats sitting all well-behaved on the stool in the sun puddle in the kitchen.

Cloud Hat (pdf) with Silk Garden (nope, don't know the colour ... ball band missing) and some kind of (also ball band missing) green mohair ... stretchy! Will fit young teen through adult, probably.

Cloud Hat (pdf) I ran out of the Silk Garden part-way through and switched to some pale, pale khaki (yet another missing ball band ... imagine!) King Cole superwash merino, then ran out of the green mohair and switched to a dark variegated (King Cole again?) ... child to small adult.

Cloud Hat (pdf) The same (King Cole?) dark variegated mohair with a ball of mostly black Filatura Di Crossa 127 Print ... young teen to small adult.

Two strands of Lang Tosca held together with a 3x3 rib brim ... child to teen.

Ooo, a close-up! Reminds me of blood orange guts.

Two of the seed stitch panels joined and some flurff added, none of which photographs well!

This is what Miz Bequita Banana did the day after her teeth cleaning/purple monkeys ordeal.

"They're my shoes. I found them. They fit perfectly, see? Mine! ... Sister Cleopatra Longtail at her most charming

It warmed up overnight. And snowed again. I am waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the kid who comes 'round with a shovel, 'cuz, though I'd reall rather just do it, I feel I should give him the opportunity to keep his promise. Damnit.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty hats! Pretty cats! and I wanna make snow angels in your yard :)