29 November 2006

I Did Not!

I did not knit hats today.
I did not add any trim.
I did not shovel snow.

I did not take any cats to the vet today.
I did not put the second duvet on the bed.
I did not sign anyone's community service record.
I did not close the bedroom window.
I did not make crêpes.

A while ago, Vince sent me a link to this post on his friend's pesky'apostrophe blog, which led me to this site about the Dulaan Project, from which I followed a link to a blog called Mossy Cottage Knits. I read most current post (at the time), which was all over the freakin' map!
Scam Myth Debunked ...Happy Thanksgiving ...dinner club ... angry pie ... Heartbreakers ... freaked out ... malnourisment ... vulnerable ... wonderful ... grownup ... scared ... hope ... strength ... missing leg ... skinny, pregnant ... Cuzzin Tom ... skillfully made ... sheer joy ... weepy ... blessing ... panic attack ... knitting ... encouraging ...

Too much all at once! Huh? Wha? Still reeling, I followed the link to the angry pie story, at which point, I was hooked. Back to the beginning I went (and bookmarked Cuzzin Tom for later).

The roads were kind of icky, going to the APs on Sunday night. They were worse, going home.
It'd been cold out all week. It got colder over the weekend and colder yet Monday and Tuesday. Last night, there was a windchill of -46°C. I stayed home.

When I came home on Sunday night, I settled in to finish catching up on Mossy Cottage. I hauled out part of a ball of Silk Garden and some mohair, cast on and knit a Cloud Hat (pdf), cast on a second one and knit and read 'til way too late.

I spent a good chunk of Monday doing the same thing. Whenever I ran out of one kind of yarn, I added something else and kept going. And pilling Beq. And shovelling snow.

On Tuesday, I finished the hat I was working on and decided I should really be working on the poppet project that's been taking forever. I did some joining and added a bit of trim. I'm going to need another ball of yarn for each one. Poo. Then I decided that's okay, 'cuz I should really be working on little socks for Annailese's advent calendar.

I put the second duvet on the bed last night. Ohmygawdssoverycozy! I also closed the outside bedroom window. Buh! Good thing it wasn't frozen open. I woke up this morning to water dripping on my pillow. The ice on the inside window was melting.

The neighbourhood kid who shovels walks came by and asked me to sign his community service hours sheet thingy. Weird.

Nope, didn't make crêpes. Nor did I go get a pepper, so I could make greek salad. Maybe tomorrow ... and I can pick up the yarn to finish the poppet project, too.

The bright side (you should pardon the pun) of very coldness is how clear and bright and crisp it gets, so I can take pictures of some of the things I did not do today. I'll post them tomorrow.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 7:59
Hours of dark: 14:40ish
Sunrise: 8:23 am
Sunset: 4:22 pm
Start of twilight: 7:42 am
End of twilight: 5:03 pm

Current weather: Mostly Cloudy. -21°C (-5°F), -31°C (-23°F) with windchill, wind SSE 20.8 km/h (13 mph), relative humidity 64%, pressure 29.99 in Hg.

Tonight.. Clear. Increasing cloudiness near midnight with 30% chance of flurries overnight, wind up to 15 km/h. Low -22°C, -32°C with windchill.
Thursday.. Cloudy with sunny periods, 30% chance of flurries early in the morning, 40% late in the afternoon. High -7°C.
Thursday Night.. Cloudy, 40% chance of flurries early in the evening, wind NW 20 km/h becoming light in the evening. Low -19°C. -28°C with windchill.
Friday.. A mix of sun and cloud with 60% chance of flurries. High -14°C.
Saturday.. Sunny. Low -20°C. High -8°C.
Sunday.. Cloudy. Low -8°C. High 0°C.
Normals for the period.. Low -13°C. High -3°C.

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