26 November 2006

Hoary Day ...

It's so very still out, right now. The dry, dry snow that fell last night is still perched on the clothes line and the mountain ash berry bunches have snow caps bigger than they are. There's a layer of fine snow, like powdered sugar, over a crusty layer from the wind the other night. Sir Bunrab hopped every sidewalk and path in the yard, as if to mark them.

At -26°C, it was pleasant to shovel the walks. I got way colder, many times faster in -18°C with -32°C windchill the other day. It's foggy and the sun is struggling to be seen at all though pale dense clouds. There's plenty of light, and most everything's a muted bright white. Photographs come out blue-grey ... the camera does not see the lovely, soft, day I see, nor does it feel the stillness and quiet I feel.

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