24 November 2006

Cats ...

Bequi's at the vet, getting put under to have her teeth cleaned and possibly one extracted if it's really bad. It's bloody cold outside ... scraping the inside of the windows while stopped at red lights kind of cold ... so I wrapped up a boiled hotpack and bundled it into the carrier with Beq, who meowed piteously all the way there. She and Cleo haven't been apart since I brought Beq home when Cleo was six months old. When I got home, Cleo flattened herself to the floor, doing her best the-sky-is-falling pantomime. When I picked her up, she clung like a limpet. When I put her down again, she disappeared and didn't come out for breakfast. She's just resurfaced and, apparently, the sky is still falling. She doesn't even like Beq.

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