31 January 2007

Green ...

Even those who don't know me might have figured out that I adore the colour green, particularly the yellower shades. Those who do know me are rolling their eyes, 'cuz they know that I love green to an absurd degree.

Anailese, who is not quite three, puts on a green shirt when she knows I'm coming to visit and tells her mom stories about how I buy green babies at the store and hands me things that are "... zat green zat you yuv so much."

Today, she and her mom were having a conversation about hair colour, because Pippi has red hair and Anailese has blonde hair and so does Barbara and Daddy has brown hair and Anailese's Auntie Neen has black hair with a magenta streak and Lynn-Lynn has reddish hair.

Says Anailese, "Yinn-Yinn doesn't have red hair, Mummy!"
Says Barbara, "Well, reddish blonde"
Says Anailese, "I told you before, Mummy. Yinn-Yinn has greenish blonde hair."
Says Barbara, "Oh really. What colour do you see when you look at Lynn-Lynn?"
Says Anailese with a sigh, looking at her mother like she has a tomato plant growing from her forehead, "Green."

What a dear child!

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