09 February 2007

Damned Fool ...

There was a guy on the bus with those enormous baggy pants with the crotch at the knees (nope, not exaggerating for effect, in this case) that ride way-low. With the studded belt and the wallet on a chain. This guy's were even lower than usual, though. His belt was below his ass. I stared at him nearly the whole bus ride, trying to figure out how they didn't fall right off. Then it hit me. He must've had a loop around his neck, attached to the front of his pants. That'd explain the extreme slouch, too. But he's not the damned fool.

I was walking around with the laundry pail over my head, being tall, peering out through the handle. When I ran up the stairs, I hit the ceiling and jammed the sides down onto my shoulders.

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