03 March 2007

Day One ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

After much charging about, getting ready, loading the car, acquiring fuel, rendering the windows transparent again, etc., I hit the road at 2:00 this afternoon. From the Hughes on 99th, it took me twenty-five minutes to hit the highway. After that, it was a lovely drive. I got here, found everything where Mary said it would be, unpacked, and got their computer to play nicely with mine before Cory, Ernie and Linda got home from school.

We made baked tofu and a small mountain of maki for dinner and ate it all.

Dogs got fed, chores got done, games got played, and everyone drifted off to bed as they got tired. It's just about my turn.

I took the cats to the kennel yesterday, and did a bunch of other running around and getting stuff ready at home. Wednesday was Mary's birthday. We went grocery shopping (woohoo! weirdo), then met Mona for lunch at B's Diner. I got a chance to take in some more hats. Brenda said she found the blog of someone who was taking apart knit things for yarn to make hats for them. She's going to double check it ... we think it may be this blog! Hah! Bob introduced Mary to a fellow who has a plant store across the way, so we went there afterwards. Tuesday, I turned in my keys at work, collected up my stuff, turned in time sheets, and had a visit with Chicken. A good day!

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