06 March 2007

Day Five ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

As I tossed the last handful of chopped apple into the oats, my brain shouted, "Caliente!" It sounded very celebratory, even though I don't know what it means nor where I may have heard it.

Showers, two of the three came up looking for clothes to wear*, then oats with apples, cinnamon and maple syrup (and soy milk for some), and (soy)milky chai or hot soymilk for breakfast. Lunches made** and packed , dogs and chickens fed, last minute "Where's my ..."s done, and onto the bus they went. Smiley, huggy morning folx.

I call this one Wiggly Life With Yarn

Three out, two in. These two help me all day, by sitting on my feet, lying in front of the sink, stove, fridge, and in doorways, and running into the backs of my knees when I walk across the ice.

*Good thing I'd ignored the "Yah, I'm good"s and done a coupla loads anyway

**I made one of the lunches at 7:59 'cuz the bus comes at 8:03 and it wasn't made yet. No, he won't starve, but be damned if I'm going to send him to school without lunch or make the bus driver wait while he makes a lunch. He came up to make it at 8:01 ... prolly could have done it, but I got twitchy.

I was going to change the chickens' light bulb this morning, but Linda beat me to it ... so they have light again. They're already winning the egg race. Without Robin here to help battle the eggs, we could be buried in them by the end of the week. Speaking of conspiracies, I think the dogs make new matts overnight so they get fussed when they come in.

Dishwasher's run, dishes are washed, yesterday's laundry is folded, there's a load in the washer and one in the dryer, and a couple of skeins of yarn soaking in a koolaid and vinegar bath in the crock pot. We're out of fruit and laundry soap, so I'm off to The Village ... I'm doing my own version of the daily trip to Ralph's for groceries, except not in Palm Desert, and not Ralph's.

* * *

Dinner and tofu-for-sandwiches made, laundry loads switched just in time for smiley, happy chatty folx in the door. Linda finished the rest of the egg salad and started on her homework. The boys took their laundry downstairs, then did their thing for a while. They built smoothies when Linda came up for a break and we all watched TV together. I tried to keep the snide comments about the commercials down to one per.

Hippie Lasagna and Greek salad v2.0 for dinner. We've been watching an episode of season 1 of SG-1 each night. Linda had choir, we all did our chores and homework. Cory called leftover lasagna for tomorrow's lunch ... over tofu sandwich! I'm calling it a success.

Eggs: +9 for the day
Collected - 10
Eaten - 0
Discarded - 1

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