14 March 2007

Leftovers and Something New ...

I just got a sliver in the palm of my hand and thought, "Damn! I wish it wasn't the right hand."
It occurs to me that if I'm going to wish, mayhap I could wish a bit bigger ... like maybe that I didn't have a big, honkin' sliver in the palm of my hand at all!

Cory, Linda and I put her bed up on lifts. Here she is as her Great Woobie persona, in the Kitten Cave:

Yup, it's really that green!

One of the hens laid this (the egg, not the other stuff), the last day I was there:

We took bets on how many yolks. Cory did not win with 2.5. Unfortunately, it smelled funny, so we didn't eat it.

Mary and Robin brought back white grapefruits, picked from the aunt and uncle's tree in CA. We don't get white grapefruit in stores here any more. Apparently, people would rather have pink (good, but not as good as white) or ruby red (can't see why anyone would bother). What a treat!

And that browny-grey blob is a bitty skein of yarn that I spun with a drop spindle ... my very first yarn ever! I spun it on Monday and plied it and washed it yesterday. It's lumpy and bumpy and not very good at all, but I'm so pleased with it and with the process. Today, I'm thinking about knitting with it. There isn't very much of it at all. I'm trying to decide whether to make a little sampler swatch with it or knit it into a hat for B's Diner or Dulaan. The wool came from a sheep named Oreo. It's so very soft!

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