04 March 2007

Day Two ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

Chores while the peppers and onions and musthrooms slow cooked for breakfast burritos. I would like to report that there was complaining and fighting and hair pulling, but the three indoor hormone contributors went about their Saturday morning routine matter-of-factly, negotiating, and even helping one another out. Afterwards, stuffed to the gills with breakfast burritos, there sas no biting or scratching or pulling of hair over computer time. Instead, there were (occasionally mildly sullen) negotiations and compromises. Saturday is their mellow day, so we mellowed, mostly ... 'puter games and music and we koolaid dyed some turquoise yarn.

We made Head Salad (salad as big as one's head) for dinner and ate them while watching Stargate, which Cory, Ernie and Linda hadn't seen. We talked to Mary and Robin on the phone again. It sounds like they're starting to relax.

Eggs: +1 for the day
Collected - 18
Eaten - 7
Discarded - 10

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